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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

come fly with me

Thanksgiving is this week and I'm off to the airport tomorrow.come fly with me
Here are some of the things that I like to bring with me on the flight: 
{one} GUM. I always like to bring some gum to chew on the plane because my ears always pop.
{two} iPhone. I definitely pack my iPhone. I like to jam to music, play games, or listen to a good audio book. If you bring your phone, do not forget to put it on airplane mode. 
{three} headphones. These are a must.  You don't want to distract others on the plane with your hip beats, so be considerate of others around you.
{four} hand sanitizer. There are tons of germs on airplanes, so bring your hand sanitizer.
{five} books. I love to read books, while I'm flying. There are so many good books.  I am bring my nook, which has a few books that I'm reading: Captivating and Rediscovering Catholicism

If you are flying this week, have a safe flight!
What do you bring when you are traveling by plane?


Breanna Firth said...

Cute post! I liked that you added the Lilly agenda, when I set to work in my planner I can take up a lot of time!


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